Saturday, December 25, 2010


to all my friends, followers and everyone in this world!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Huh =.=

sorry guys 4 d long absence. =.= got so bz wif my studies plus parttime job > <
i`ll be back soon~` so byebye!

national exam-23/11/2010~13/12/2010
national service(aaaarghhhh)-around december~march 2011

god, lemme die. T-T

Friday, October 22, 2010

new lens^^

hi ladies! :)
as i promised i wud like to show u my new lens^^

<--- sorry for d'ugly pic huh =.=
ignore the face juz focus to my blue lens!
angmoh much orh? idk lol
gabby zhuzhu means gabby pig pig lmfao! xD

ate @ mcdonald for lunch.
i ordered black pepper chicken burger! :p

then i saw some of my schoolmates
staring at me. mutaafukaas. =.="

gtg now!^^ tired liao lor hehehe.

p/s: rabby sorry i didn`t reply your msg.
no credit u help me topup can? xD

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

huh huh..

hi ladies!^^
i got shocked hor, when i saw my followers increased to 12!
i was like.........O.o"speechless lol

arigato to bunny queen for promoting my blog
in her site^^ nah give u carrots go play outside don't disturb me hahahaha lol

btw i bought a pair of contact lens today. the blue one. call me girly i don't care coz duh! it's my eyes so i have right to wear lens lol =.=

i'm gonna post the pic after i do some makeup on my face (JK) sounds like a girl ma? why girls love to put makeup on their faces anyways? o.o strange.

p/s thank you for following my blog! u guys rock \m/


<-- that's me baby.^^
i look so cool huh? lol

anyway this is my public blog.
follow me if you have free time.


- acer